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CleanSi: 12 x 400ml 80% alcohol disinfectant purifying treatment for surfaces


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One box of 12 x 400ml 80% alcohol disinfectant approved for hospital/clinical use and registered in Germany (N-90037)

Suppled ready to use aerosol 400ml containers 

Cleansi is a powerful 80% alcohol-based purifiering aerosol which evaporates quickly without leaving residues and streaks. Use to deep clean in a well ventilated area.

Home: handles, chairs, tables, glass tables, bunches of keys, remote controls and TV screens, smartphones and tablets, video game consoles, toys, furnishings, elevator buttons, bathroom accessories, kitchen worktops and small appliances, handrails and windows. It is also suitable for cleaning glass, lenses (including glasses) and glass surfaces.

Vehicles: sprayed directly on handles, dashboards, gear levers, steering wheel. Filters and ventilation ducts of air conditioning systems.




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