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Extreme White Leak Stop for R600 – R290 Fridge Systems


EXTREME WHITE repairs refrigerant gas leaks in Refrigeration systems with R600 – R290 gases. Leaks occur for many reasons including, corrosion, seals or welded joints. EXTREME WHITE is fluorescent when exposed to any UV light, is polymer-free and it doesn’t react with air or moisture. Products containing polymers react with air and moisture thus hardening inside the system and risking damage to the system and recovery equipment.

EXTREME WHITE is a mixture of components suitable for the refrigerant gas and the compressor lubricant, these components spread in a universal lubricant and circulate inside the refrigeration system – similar to the way blood platelets circulates through out veins. When a leak occurs EXTREME WHITE is dragged to the
outside with the gas and the lubricant and starts to accumulate at the leak location, thus slowing down the outward flow. The leak slows as the molecules of EXTREME WHITE accumulate around the hole bonding together, perfectly
sealing the leak. Ideal for preventive maintenance. (dilution in the compressor lubricant = 1:16 by volume).


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