Deep Cleanse for Surfaces 80% Alcohol


SmartBact Kit: Sanibact Disinfectant deep cleanse package 

The kit also includes a 20 mL measuring cup and a spare 500ml bottle with spray nozzle.

SmartBact is a specially formulated disinfectant package for a deep cleanse of kitchens, work place, use in care homes, school and classroom environments.  Quick and easy to use with included 500ml spray bottle.  Sanibact is a highly concentrated product and 500 ml will dilute to produce 12.5 Litres of powerful disinfectant ready to use. Sanibact passes the tests EN1276 – EN13697 and EN13697 and does not leave any smell or residuals.


CleanSi 80% alcohol disinfectant

Purifying treatment for surfaces 80% alcohol disinfectant registered in Germany (N-90037)

Cleansi is a powerful 80% alcohol-based purifying aerosol, which evaporates quickly without leaving residues and streaks. Use for a deep cleanse in a well-ventilated area.

SANIHANDS is a 70% alcohol based hand gel, supplied in a 1 Litre bottle with dispenser.

SANIHANDS Gel formula follows WHO guidelines. German registration number: (N-91689)

Deep cleanse, allergen-free and can be used frequently on delicate skin, leaving pleasantly soft hands.