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We are all germaphobes now

May 15, 2020

If you feel compelled to clean excessively then don’t worry this is the new normal.

Around the world, healthcare facilities vary enormously but disinfectants are – according to the WHO – usually the affordable choice for killing bacteria and virus. Where there have been shortages in PPE, it is inevitable we will continue to see increased demand for cleaning agents as life goes back to normal.

 As with PPE, quality standards for cleaning products will also be an issue where demand is high. Errecom SPA, manufacture chemical cleaning agents meeting German standard N-90037 and EU EN1276 – EN13697 and EN13697. Without these checks and balances for cleaning agents, you are more at risk from whatever lurgy is waiting to replicate. Just one of Errecom’s new products called Cleansi is a 400ml 80% alcohol aerosol spray for cleaning surfaces. The high alcohol content kills bugs on door handles, chairs, tables, glass tables, bunches of keys, remote controls. You can use it to wipe over your smartphone, tablet, video game consoles, toys, furnishings. In the house clean bathroom accessories, kitchen worktops, handrails. Bacteria and viruses can remain on glasses lenses, glass surfaces, desks, armchairs, hangers, monitors, keyboards, mouse, laptops, printers, copy machines and telephones. Car, van, truck, bus – I have never cleaned my steering wheel – clean door handles, dashboard and gear lever.

 I’m sure there are many other applications I have failed to mention however, anything you handle frequently and is shared with others is a potential host for bacteria and viruses. As I said at the start of this post, compulsive cleaning is the new norm and finally to quote a book title, “Only the Paranoid Survive.”