Extreme Chemical Tools

Errecom Ultra Leak Stop is a true innovation for OEM’s and maintenance engineers working in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

Additives in air conditioning has divided opinion amongst engineers for decades. Based on the volumes of leak stop product now sold by Errecom there is little doubt as to its effectiveness.

Errecom have been refining their chemical tools for twenty years resulting in a range of products in demand throughout the world.

Errecom Ultra chemical tools are the result of five years research and development. The older generation of additives required a large (30ml) of fluid prohibiting the adding more additives to the same circuit. The 6ml doses used in Ultra allows multiple in a precise dosage, making plant maintenance easy, fast and inexpensive. The 6 ml dose of an ULTRA additive can be used in HVAC and Auto A/C systems up to 21Kw.