Complete DPF Flush Kit



The DPF FLUSH GUN works with compressed air and is designed to clean the diesel particulate filters. New increased Price £235.14 includes VAT and Free Delivery. The filter is flushed while it remains installed on the vehicle. Equipped with easily interchangeable probes that can be used with all models of particulate filters. Watch Video



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DPF Flush Kit

Gun with rubber grip, interchangeable rigid probe, interchangeable flexible probe, connection for compressed air with 1/4” ball valve, FKM gaskets resistant also to the most aggressive liquids. Rilsan PA11 hose also resistant to the most aggressive liquids.

One 5 Litre container of DPF Flush, a non-flammable liquid, free of suspended metals, specific for the cleaning of diesel particulate filters. This chemical formulation, produced exclusively in Errecom’s laboratories, was developed using nanotechnology in a chemical process that can penetrate deep inside the honeycomb structure of the DPF, removing carbon and soot residues. Nanotechnology in chemicals is used in other formulations such as cerium oxide nanoparticles in diesel fuel additives.

One 5 Litre container of DPF RINSE, is a non-flammable specific rinsing liquid to be used after the cleaning of diesel particulate filters restoring the DPF to its original conditions. Detailed instructions are available making the process quick and easy to use. A YouTube video of the procedure is also available.