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Engine Oil Leak Stop 250ml


Fix micro-leaks and seals in all types vehicles

STOP UP is a leak stop that has been developed to prevent micro-leaks in all sorts of engines (petrol, diesel, hybrids, and so on).

Formulated to restore engine-sealing elastomers’ elasticity and volume, as well as their sealing power. The leak is repaired during normal vehicle operation, usually within 24 hours. It does not form deposits in the engine and does not clog minor oil passageways. It is applicable to automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, and boats, among other things. It removes and prevents oil leaks in the engine’s internal and external gaskets. It returns gaskets and sealing O-rings to their original qualities (softness, elasticity, and so on).

It prevents leaks by interacting with rubber, synthetic, and natural gaskets (viton, silicone, polyacrylate, and buna-type N). It removes and stops leaks caused by seal rings and elastomer seals. All mineral, semi-synthetic, and synthetic lubricants are compatible. Vehicles with particle filters or catalytic converters are compatible. All aspirated or supercharged petrol and diesel engines, including the latest generation fitted with exhaust gas post-treatment systems and those fueled with LPG and methane, are compatible. It has no effect on the oil filters. Dosage: For every litre of engine oil, use 60 mL of STOP UP.


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