SmartBact Kit: Sanibact Disinfectant Package



Each SmartBact Kit includes 500 ml SaniBact, a 20 ml measuring cup and a spare 500ml spray bottle.

Sanibact is a disinfectant with Virucidal and Bactericide efficacy, which is a term, used to describe a specifically formulated disinfectant to kill virus and bacteria. Used for cleaning surfaces, Sanibact is a highly concentrated product.

Quick and easy to use 500 ml concentrate will dilute to produce 12.5 Litres of powerful disinfectant. Deep cleanse kitchens, classrooms, office areas, sinks, staff rooms, care home facilities using the 500ml spray bottle included. This product has been authorised for use in Germany together with all EU countries. Manufactured in Italy, meeting standards for EN1276 – EN13697 and EN13697. Sanibact does not leave any smell or residuals.

Disinfectant preparation Kit

SmartBact containing a bottle of SaniBact Concentrated Disinfectant, 20 ml measuring cup and a 500 ml spray bottle.


Fill the empty bottle with water

The spray bottle must be filled with water first and then add 20 ml of SaniBact to avoid the formation of too much foam. 

Measure out 20 ml of SaniBact


Measure 20 ml of SaniBact, concentrate disinfectant, with the measuring cup on top of the SaniBact bottle.

Add 20 ml of SaniBact
to the bottle prefilled with water

Adding 20 ml of SaniBact to the water produces 500 ml of ready-to-use disinfectant.


The SmartBact kit will produce 12.5 Litres of ready-to-use disinfectant.

Spray the diluted solution directly on the surfaces to be treated

This product is sold in all EU countries including Germany and Italy under EN numbers: EN1276 – EN13697, EN13697.